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We choose car mats

We choose car mats 1

Choosing car mats

Car mats are divided into two types: universal and made for a specific brand of car.

Universal mats are good in that they can be bought at any specialized store; Also, they are usually a small price. However, such rugs, even if they are carefully cut, will not look organically in the car interior, moreover, such rugs often do not have sides, and if so, the area of ​​the so-called “trough” is small.

As for the rugs made for a particular brand of car, it is more difficult to buy them, and they are much more expensive, but such products, due to the fact that they are made according to factory patterns, fit perfectly into the car’s interior; in addition, the materials from which it is made are very diverse.

We choose car mats 2

Based on the materials, all the rugs – both universal and specially made under the brand name of the machine – are divided into several types:

1. Rubber mats. These are the cheapest, most affordable rugs with high sides, and at the same time those that can be most claimed: they are poorly flexible, freeze quickly and break in the cold, are quite heavy and are a bunch of all kinds of unpleasant odors.

2. Polyurethane mats. The same with high sides. You can say a lot of good about these rugs, especially in comparison with rubber mats, because they lie on the floor of the car like a glove, weigh nothing at all, do not tan in the cold, do not dry out, are slightly susceptible to wiping and retain their presentation for a long time. These rugs have only one drawback – they are expensive.

3. Textile mats. Externally, they are more attractive than rubber, while absorbing water well, they are easy to lay and remove from the passenger compartment. Three types of rugs from textiles are on sale. A) The cheapest are made of polypropylene fiber; the pile on these rugs has a height of 5 mm and a density of 650 grm 2. A characteristic feature is that the bottom of the product has a carpet covering, and therefore it is recommended to use such rugs in the summer season. B) Floor mats. Everything is the same as that of a cheaper brother, with one exception – the bottom of the rugs is not made of carpet, but of rubberized material, which allows you to use them at any time of the year; in addition, these mats absorb water well and prevent it from leaking into the cabin. C) And, finally, the most expensive rugs. They have the same basis as the previous two products, only the top of the expensive rugs is made of polypropylene double thread, and the height and density of the pile is much larger: 8 mm and 1100 grm 2. respectively.

4. Eva rugs. Products from the company Eva-Drive are made of polymer coated with recess cells. The depth of each cell is 6 mm. Such mats, unlike rubber mats, do not need a high side, since all the dirt and water is distributed over a thousand recesses and does not leak further into the cabin. When privately washed, Eva polymer mats, in comparison with textile mats, retain an attractive appearance for longer. Moreover, Eva-Drive offers the driver a choice of various shades of its rugs; the color of the edging can also be chosen to your taste.

So, all of the above products have their own characteristics: disadvantages and advantages. Some drivers, for example, to protect the floor of their car from water and, as a result, rust and corrosion, prefer to lay rubber mats with high sides over the winter rather than summer, more beautiful, but at the same time more vulnerable textile products. They explain it simply – in winter, even the highest quality textiles can deteriorate from the reagents and salt that sprinkle the roads, and therefore it is better to use rubber for this time. But in summer, on the contrary, carpets from carpet are suitable – at this time of the year there is less water and dirt, and therefore beautiful textiles are more appropriate. However, there is also a third option. A recent development from Eva-Drive, Eva polymer mats combine the advantages of rubber and textile mats with almost no flaws. They are practical and reliable; they hold dirt and water well in the cells, they are easy to clean and almost never wear out..

Which, combined with the visual appeal and the ability to choose such a rug to your taste and color, makes them an ideal option for a car enthusiast.


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