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We choose high-quality diesel fuel

We choose high-quality diesel fuel 1

Choosing high-quality diesel fuel

If you really want to buy high-quality diesel fuel, you must adhere to certain rules. It is very important to know all the characteristics. Only high-quality fuel will ensure reliable operation of the car engine. Recently, the quality of “diesel fuel” is very poor. A large number of manufacturers offer this consumable, and, to put it mildly, it differs from the requirements of Gosstandart.

Increasing profit with minimal cost is very simple: dilute diesel fuel with water. Due to the large amount of liquid in the “diesel fuel” appears water plug. It creates a certain obstacle to the engine. Water during storage of fuel begins to exfoliate. A precipitate appears below.

When using a low-quality diesel fuel, the car engine ceases to cope with its main tasks. He begins to work, as they say, to the fullest.

Cetane number is the main characteristic of diesel fuel. If you know him, then without problems you can determine what the liquid used is. The quality of the “diesel fuel” is also affected by the conditions in which it is operated. Summer and winter fuel are different.

It is necessary to find out exactly what model of engine the diesel engine will work with. Thus, it will be possible to correctly determine the main characteristics of this substance. The temperature at which freezing or filtering occurs may vary in diesel fuel. For the operation of high-speed engines, a distillate low-viscosity composition is used. Low-speed engines, widely used in vehicles such as tractors and boats, use residual fuel.

For the so-called summer “diesel fuel” the operating temperature is 0 ° C. Use winter fuel if the temperature is negative. It is important to remember that in this case, a valid chapel is -30 ° C. If the temperature drops below this value, you need to choose Arctic compositions. Also, diesel fuel has a temperature indicator, upon reaching which it begins to change color (turbidity appears). At this temperature, paraffins crystallize. Outwardly, “diesel fuel” resembles a thick porridge. Due to the small crystals in this case, clogging of the holes in the fuel filters may occur. Such a failure will invariably cause various malfunctions..


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