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We make our car environmentally friendly

We make our car environmentally friendly 1

We make our car environmentally friendly

We make our car environmentally friendly

Whether your car is big or small, old or new, it does not matter. There are preventative maintenance methods, following which every motorist can make the operation of his car less harmful to the environment. With these simple maintenance methods, you can reduce fuel consumption by saving not only the nature around, but also your own money.

– Properly tuned systems will help achieve optimum performance. Improving efficiency, lowering exhaust emissions and saving money can only be achieved through proper maintenance. Regular monitoring of the engine will help you burn less fuel, pollute less and, of course, prevent it from breaking unexpectedly. All this involves checking the spark plug, replacing the fuel and air filters, if necessary, parts of the ignition system and / or exhaust system, and also make sure that the control system works correctly through the computer. Correct engine settings help reduce fuel consumption by 4%, and timely troubleshooting of technical problems, such as a faulty oxygen sensor, by 40%.
– Drive wisely – Your driving style directly affects gas mileage. Avoid sudden starts and stops, do not exceed the speed limit. Try to combine all your affairs in one trip to minimize unnecessary mileage. If possible, choose the path with the least worst road conditions, avoid idle idle idle time. And cruise mode will also help you reduce gas mileage; use the air conditioner only when there is a strong need. Choose reflective shades of the windshield and the parking place in the shade to avoid overheating of the car in the sun and is not wasted on its cooling. Aggressive driving (sharp acceleration, braking and starts) increase fuel consumption by 33% in the country, and 5% in the city.
– Try to ride light – Pull all unnecessary things out of the trunk, leaving only the most necessary: ​​a spare wheel and a medical kit. Excess items will add weight to your car and affect fuel consumption..
Regularly check and replace dirty air filters – An air filter that is clogged with dirt, dust, and other debris will no longer allow air to pass through, resulting in engine wear and power loss. The air filter must be checked every time when changing the oil, changing annually / according to the specified date, or when worn, as well as if they are saturated with oil or wet.
– Remember to replace and check the spark plugs – There may be 4, 6, or 8 spark plugs in a car that light up approximately three million times during every 1000 miles. This leads to strong heating, as well as electrical or chemical erosion. A dirty candle can cause a malfunction and a waste of fuel..
– Watch for tire pressure – maintaining optimal tire pressure can reduce fuel consumption by up to 5%. Pressure must be checked at least once a month, and do not forget about the spare tire. Not properly pumped, they add rolling resistance, because of this the engine will take more power and consume more fuel. Remember, tires can lose pressure due to seasonal changes in air temperature..
Fuel cap – Due to a loose, cracked or damaged fuel cap, fuel can evaporate and increase exhaust emissions, as well as your costs..
– Know the measure, at the gas station – when filling the gas tank, remember that there should be some free space for the distribution of gasoline. Excessive filling can cause harmful fumes to the atmosphere..
– Do not forget to check the fuel system – the fuel filter should be replaced every two years or 24,000 miles, and the injector should be flushed every 30,000 miles. So, you will not only make your car more environmentally friendly, but also save money on a pump.
– Exhaust system – The exhaust system monitors emissions, exhausts and pollution using various sensors and computerized control systems. This system significantly reduces the amount of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide (CO), unburned hydrocarbons (HC) and nitric oxide (NOx).


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