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What is best to sing while driving

What is best to sing while driving 1

What is best to sing while driving

What is best to sing while driving

Still not singing while driving? Maybe you should start doing this. The most important thing is to choose the right composition.

It is generally believed that music in the car is a distraction from driving. This is not necessarily the case. According to the British company Chroma, if you sing while driving, music can help cheer up or, conversely, relax.

“Our research has shown that singing significantly improves the psychological state and physical well-being, because it involves the neurochemical systems of the body responsible for praise, motivation, pleasure and stress,” said Daniel Thomas, Chroma director. “If you sing while driving, your senses come into motion, and the diaphragm starts to work and saturates the brain with oxygen.Thanks to this, chemical processes begin in the body that positively affect your psychological state, and at the same time fucking you, “he adds.

At the same time, Thomas makes a reservation that, of course, singing alone cannot be the answer to all questions. But sometimes it’s better to turn on the music, and start to sing along if you need to relax or, conversely, concentrate. Therefore, drivers are advised to have a playlist with their favorite songs on hand..

“Other academic studies show that even music that sounds just in the background has a positive effect. For example, in classrooms. It improves attention, mental abilities, memory and concentration. That is, the very qualities that you need when driving while driving long distances, “says Daniel Thomas.

So which songs are perfect for driving? Chroma has compiled a list of several tracks. So, if you have a long road ahead, then Tracey Chapman’s Fast Car composition is best suited, if you sing while driving. And if, on the contrary, you want to relax, then the best option is to listen to Moby’s Memory Gospel.


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