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What is car sharing – how to use, how much is and rules

What is car sharing - how to use, how much is and rules 1

What is car sharing and how does it work

Existing companies, fleet, cost

The most popular in our country is the first type of short-term rental of vehicles. Currently there are 12 large car-sharing operators. The most famous of them:

  • Yandex.Drive.
  • Youdrive.
  • Belkacar.
  • Delimobile.
  • Anytime.

At first glance, all companies provide similar services, but there are a number of significant differences for the driver. For example, in Delimobil it is allowed to leave a car at the airport, which will be especially beneficial for people who often fly on service or on vacation. The same company allows rental from 19 years, while in others the age is limited to 21 years. Yandex.Drive provides cars with built-in navigators. They are equipped with maps and signs of “traffic jams” on the roads, which is highly appreciated by visitors – people who are new to urban geography and the features of transport arteries.

What is car sharing - how to use, how much is and rules 2

The prices for the trip are different for different operators. For example, “Anytime” offers the cheapest rate. A minute of parking at her costs from 2 rubles, a trip – from 3 rubles. At the same cost of parking, YouDrive and BelkaCar will charge 8 rubles per minute for driving. At Yandex.Drive or Delimobil, prices for driving will be 5 and 7 rubles per minute, respectively, but parking time will cost only 1.5 rubles / minute. At the same time, they all give tenants 20 minutes to get to a parked car.

How to use car sharing

Features of car sharing, pitfalls, cons

When using a rented car, the driver is not guaranteed to avoid unpleasant situations, for example, in a traffic accident. As soon as he gets into a car-sharing car, he gets all the rights and obligations of the owner. This means that for all damage sustained by the car while using it, the person who rented it will be responsible (and paid).

What is car sharing - how to use, how much is and rules 3

In order to minimize risks and not become a victim of dishonest companies or people, you must read it carefully and more than once before concluding an agreement. Feel free to ask questions if you do not understand any conditions or requirements. Your pickiness can save you a lot of unpleasant moments in the future..

In order not to suffer for other people’s “sins”, when renting a car it is best to take a photo of the damage and contamination, sending it to the lessor. Then all recorded defects will not entail liability and financial penalties for the driver.

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Another disadvantage of car sharing is the not very high degree of protection of the user’s personal data. The reason for this is usually unnecessarily simple (short) passwords to get the car when booking. American Car Sharing Companies Are Better Protected Against Hacking.

But this is a young developing industry, so it is constantly being improved and developed, and all the shortcomings are eliminated. It is believed that in the near future it is the car sharing system that will prevail in the transport network of large cities and will begin to move more actively in smaller.


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