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What is corrosion and how to deal with it

What is corrosion and how to deal with it 1

What is corrosion and how to deal with it

What is corrosion and how to deal with it

Corrosion is death for a car. Stop killing your car!

Metal corrosion is iron oxide that occurs when there are three things: an anode, a cathode, and an electrolyte. An anode is a type of metal that electrons produce under normal conditions. The cathode refers to those types of metal that accept electrons. An electrolyte is a fluid that provides the movement of metals. Simply put, the metal your car is made of serves as both an anode and a cathode, and water (from rain, puddles of moisture) acts on it like an electrolyte.

There are ways to protect your car from corrosion..

The easiest and most important way is to regularly wash and polish the car..

Body paint is needed not only for beauty, it also serves as a barrier between metal and the outside world. But over time, scratches appear on it that destroy the protective layer. And then there is such a problem as iron oxide. That is why it is so necessary to regularly wash and polish the car. Experts recommend washing the car at least 2 times a week, and polishing about once a month.

When the machine is already clean, make sure you remove all excess water with a damp cloth.

Be careful when cleaning and wiping the wheel arches dry, this is the place where dirty water often accumulates, which can cause serious damage..

If you spilled something inside the machine, try to remove it as soon as possible..

After all, corrosion can be not only outside but also inside. It can begin inside and spread outward. It often happens that the liquid spills and quietly drains under the mat. If you have an old-fashioned car with a hinged roof or the roof of your car leaks and needs to be repaired, be doubly careful, water can leak out at intervals and create problems that you least expect.

Use a tool that protects the car from corrosion..


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