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Where and how inexpensive to wash a car – Carwash

Where and how inexpensive to wash a car - Carwash 1

Where and how inexpensive to wash a car - Carwash

Where and how inexpensive to wash a car

The summer season ends, this can be seen by the autumn slush settling on the cars. But this is only the beginning of the “dirty” season – there are several cold months ahead, diluted with road chemicals. It’s not a secret to anyone that washing a car during this period is a waste of money, but not everyone is pleased to drive a grimy car. We will tell you how you can tidy up your four-wheeled friend inexpensively..

The machine can be washed in three ways – manually, at high pressure washers and at automatic brush washers. It is more convenient to rinse the machine yourself with a watering hose: it takes a little time and for free. And also, judging by the polls, it is a pleasure for many people to massage their “swallows” with a sponge. But such useful leisure is available mainly to owners of summer cottages, since it is forbidden to wash the car outside specially designated places..

According to article 8.13 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (“Violation of the rules for the protection of water bodies”), washing a car on the banks of a river or a pond will cost 500-1000 rubles. If the car drove into this pond, then you have to fork out for 1500-2000 rubles. And if the reservoir has the status of a tourist or medical facility, the fine rises to 2000-2500 rubles. An amateur washer may also be accused of violating the law in the field of ensuring the sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population (Article 6.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses), which entails a warning or an administrative fine on citizens in the amount of one hundred to five hundred rubles.

True, environmental cleaners used to catch clean trespassers, but now it’s mainly bored PPS nicknames who do. But poisoning the life of neighbors in the yard and stunted fish, whose lives are barely warm in polluted reservoirs, with chemical detergents is rudeness. There is a legal way for little money (50-100 rubles), or even clean your car from dirt for free. Many large garage cooperatives have special boxes for washing cars, ask around among friends, and you will probably find out the whereabouts of one of them. Usually they don’t take money for boxing rent from members of cooperatives, and from those who come from outside they ask for symbolic amounts. You can find out about the time spent in boxing with the watchman, and he should take a turn.

There were almost no automatic washes, such as in the Diamond Hand (remember the moment when the hero Yuri Nikulin noted that the hero Anatoly Papanov had come unstuck?), Almost remained on Russian roads. Such a session is inexpensive – 150-300 rubles, and takes a little time. But automatic soft brushes will not be able to reach all the dirty clutches of your car, and after washing there will be no one to point out the flaws.

The most common type of car wash is a high-pressure washer, where in addition to cleaning the body with a karcher, the car can be polished, waxed, dry cleaned and complete any whim for your money. Such car washes claim their price list for services: most often, the cost of washing depends on the type of body (passenger car, station wagon, jeep, etc.), but it happens that cars are also divided by status (domestic, middle class, business class, representative class, etc.).

The main thing before starting the wash is to clearly discuss the upcoming work, otherwise you will have to fork out for the services that were not included in your plans. Girls have a particularly difficult time, as some sneaky washers strive to rank all-wheel drive station wagons or sedans as … jeeps. Or even consider separately cleaning the rugs and wiping with a dry cloth when they are included in the price of a standard wash. In St. Petersburg, a simple car wash will cost an average of 200 rubles (domestic), 250-400 rubles (a foreign car) and 300-500 rubles (a jeep). And you can string other cleanings and polishes to this amount indefinitely. For example, my friend before the sale spent 6,000 rubles to lick the car, due to which its cost increased by as much as 20,000 rubles.

Of course, no one will fine you for driving a dirty car if the license plate on it is readable. But, you must admit, it is much more pleasant to come on a date or park in front of the office of potential partners in a sparkling car. Washing it is not so troublesome, do not brush it off, they say, the dirt itself will fall off. You need to love your car, and it will answer you the same.


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