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Where and how to retake a driver’s license

Where and how to retake a driver’s license 1

Where and how to retake a driver’s license

Where and how to retake a driver’s license 2

Every experienced car owner is familiar with a sense of fear of passing the exams at the traffic police, and applicants for drivers have yet to find out. However, you should not be upset even if the motorist failed to pass either the theoretical or practical part of the qualification examinations at the traffic police and get such a long-awaited driver’s license on the first try.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who failed the first attempt to become a full driver on the road. Therefore, do not give up, but start immediately preparing to re-pass the examination tests for obtaining the rights to drive vehicles. Only at the same time it is important to remember that this issue should not be delayed.

This is not related to any statutory time limits. First of all, this is due to the human factor, since the applicant for drivers can corny forget all the theoretical material that has been passed in a driving school or lose the skills of doing classes at the race track. And of course, you should not make your iron horse, who was waiting for the owner in the garage box, stand idle.

Retake qualification exam in the traffic police – where and how much?

Immediately I want to note that they will not require any money for retaking exams for a driver’s license from a motorist. If, before re-passing the examination tests, the applicant has already prepared a package of necessary documentation for the drivers, then it already has a receipt certifying the payment of the state duty. The only thing I would like to focus on is paying rent for special equipment (a specially equipped car) on which practical driving takes place. After this, it is important to find out the sequence of passing the exam tests in a particular department of the traffic police. This is due to the fact that the entire process of passing exams in the traffic police can develop in several ways:

• The applicant for a driver’s license retakes the exam together with other students of the driving school in which he studied, which in most cases occurs after 7 days.

• If you study externally and independently pass the exam tests in the traffic police, you will have to worry about everything yourself.

But regardless of this, the motorist must find out the exact time for passing the exam in the traffic police, so that if necessary, take the queue. And the queue may be, since back in 2010 the state duty for retaking the examination tests was canceled to obtain rights to drive wheeled vehicles. For this reason, the queues of those who wish are only growing.

If the applicant for the right to obtain a driver’s license has failed the theory, then you need to not just cram tickets, but re-read the new SDA book. In the case of failure to pass practical driving, you can turn to experienced friends for help or pay for additional hours of training from a car instructor who can help hone your driving skills. But you need to understand that independent training is possible only at specialized autodromes, and trips around the city are allowed only in the presence of a car instructor who has all the permits for the right to teach people how to drive in a specially equipped car.

I would like to clarify that the number of attempts provided for re-passing the exam tests in the traffic police is unlimited. An applicant for the right to drive a car may retake exams at least every 7 days. In this case, a retake of the theoretical part in case of failure of practical driving is required. But if it was not possible to obtain driver’s rights over a 3-month period, then you will have to retake the theory and driving. Simply put, completely on a new pass exam tests in the traffic police.

Where is the retake of qualification exams?

Sometimes it happens that for reasons beyond your control, it’s impossible to retake the qualification exam for obtaining a driver’s license in the traffic police department to which the motorist is assigned at the place of residence. So, for example, in a large city this may be connected with a huge queue for retaking exams. What to do in this situation and where to turn to resolve the issue? The rules for passing qualification examination tests to obtain a driver’s license say:

• that the practical and theoretical part of driving license exams must take place in any department of the traffic police that serves the territory where citizens are registered;

• if the applicant for drivers is not registered at the place of permanent residence, then passing, as well as passing the exams, is carried out at the place of his temporary residence.

I would like to remind once again that the number of attempts to pass exams for rights, as well as the time between unsuccessful attempts, is not limited by anything. To retake the examination tests on the right to drive a car, you can come up to 101 times even after a 3-year period after the first unsuccessful attempts. The only thing you need to understand is that the term of a medical certificate allowing a person to drive a vehicle is quickly ending. If it is overdue, then it is necessary to re-pass the medical commission and forward to the fulfillment of a dream. But, it’s better to be well prepared before the first exam and get a driver’s license the first time.


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