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Where to buy a new car?

Where to buy a new car? 1

Where to buy a new car?

Where to buy a new car? 2

Dealers: gray and white

Many owners of car dealerships on the “blue eye” say that they are the official dealers of such and such a brand. However, there may not be many licensed representatives of the car factory. A list of those who actually are them is always posted on the manufacturer’s main website. What is the difference between gray and white dealers? The first promise a lot, but in every possible way they disown the production of expensive repairs. If the most expensive parts fail, for example, an automatic transmission or a motor, the “gray dealer” will not be able to replace them.

Bely does not carry out repairs at his own expense, but at the expense of the official brand. In addition, the guarantee of a fake representative is inexpensive and based only on the honest word of the dealership manager. True, it cannot be said that in any official salons everything is beautiful and smooth. It happens in different ways, so be sure to look for reviews about a particular dealer point. It often happens that the nearest official salon is located in the regional center or in another region. Please note that after the purchase, from time to time you will have to drive maintenance to a nearby service center.

Honesty test

In turn, buying a car from a “gray” supplier can have its advantages. Firstly, prices in such a salon are usually lower. And secondly, you can buy a good car here, which will never be officially delivered. The big drawback is the lack of a full warranty. In addition, it is in unofficial stores that fraud often flourishes. If the store has nothing to do with the manufacturer, before buying, find out if there are a lot of complaints about this salon. In addition, you should carefully study the contract. It is advisable to do this together with a good lawyer. This is especially true for items printed in the smallest letters. And the excessive complexity and florid conditions should alert you.


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