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Where to buy rubber in Finland

Where to buy rubber in Finland 1

Where to buy rubber in Finland

Where to buy tires in Finland. Tires in Finland.

The questions ‘where to buy tires in Finland’ often arise. Here is information about the most popular outlets.

Your store is not listed? Write to our advertising department

Performance tires
Address: Finland Virojoki Lehtisenkuja 20
The company offers a wide range of tires, rims, oils, car accessories at the best prices. Convenient location – near the Finnish-Russian border.
Official website:
The location of the store can be seen here..

Address: Pyorakankaantie 5, 49930 Vaalimaa
The store of the Etelan Intact Oy trading company is located next to the Rajamarket, almost at the very border crossing Vaalimaa / Torfyanovka. Convenient location and around-the-clock work schedule makes this store very popular among our compatriots..
Official website:
The location of the store can be seen here..

Address: Vaahterikontie 3, 49900 Virolahti
The store of the Twinmax Oy trading company has been operating for over 10 years and sells tires, wheels and related products for export to Russia. The store is located in Virolahti, it is 12 km from the border crossing Vaalimaa / Torfyanovka (previously the store was in Nujamaa, but then moved).
Official website:
The location of the store can be seen here..

Address: Teollisuuskatu 4 49400 Hamina
The family-owned company that has been operating for more than 12 years and earned an honorary award in 2005 and the title ‘Enterprise of the Year’ in its region is located in Hamina, 35 km away. from the Baalimaa checkpoint towards Helsinki, it is engaged in the vulcanization of tires, the sale of refurbished and new tires of the brands Michelin, Continental, etc..
Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 07 a.m. to 5 p.m., (in spring and autumn Sat 8.00 – 13.00)
Official website:
The location of the store can be seen here..

Address: Tulliportinkatu 52 80 130 JOENSUU
The company also deals with rubber, disks for various brands of machines, as well as related products and services. Located in the city of Joensuu, on the road to Imatra and the Imatra / Svetogorsk border crossing.
Official website:
The location of the store can be seen here..

Address: Russervice, Finland, 53500 Lappeenranta Etelakatu 5 A,
Tires, wheels in Finland from leading manufacturers, at low prices.
Payment for cash and bank transfer.
Possible delivery to St. Petersburg, as well as assistance in the delivery of medium and large wholesale.
Regular customers are given discounts and deferred payment.
Official website:
Phone numbers: +358 468113446 +358 414572280 (we speak Russian)
The location of the store can be seen here..

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Vladislav [17.11.2019 00:00]:
Good Day, We are looking for a supplier of new and used rubber for truck tractors, delivery to the city of Roslavl
Novel [02/22/2018 00:00]:
I will bring rubber from Finland, new or used.
We are engaged in the delivery of clothing, spare parts, machinery, products, chemistry, etc..
We work with declarations, customs clearance.
Sergei [04/19/2017 17:25]:
Very disappointed with the service! We were in Twinmax 04/19/2017 at 14.30. Firstly, one seller, who had to wait and look for 10 minutes. There was simply no one in the store! They shouted, called, all in vain. when he appeared, it turned out that the prices described in the catalog (on request, stock in stock) are not true. It turns out that now we have to pay the full price and then get the Tax-Free (there used to be an In-voice) and the price in reality is 10-15% higher. This is dishonest, at least! This has never happened in Twinmax! One complete disappointment! Especially when they brought 4 tires, and one of them (as specially) with chewed (broken) cord! Had to replace! Very upset by Twinmax’s attitude to trade with the Russians! By all indications, the company is “drowning” and soon we will not see it! All the best to them!
elena [09/01/2015 09:16]:
Hello! We want long-term cooperation on used rubber from finals. Need tires in bulk on a l / car. Elena.Kaluga
Andrew [25.12.2014 20:47]:
Hello! I often go to Germany but I can’t find a good warehouse, I have tires tell me where to call. thanks!
valeron [10.28.2014 22:03]:
to whom to bring? from Germany
Anna [08/10/2014 10:45]:
Loved the prices and service at Twinmax. Quickly, clearly, friendly, everything was clearly explained. The guys are just great! There were the most pleasant impressions of the buying process. I advise everyone.
Alexander [09/21/2014 11:03]:
Yesterday I took winter tires in the Twinmax Nokian Hakkapelita 8 SUV. Today on an Internet compared with the prices in St. Petersburg. It turned out that if you specifically go to Finland for rubber (taking into account the cost of gasoline, a green card, time spent), there is no benefit. According to Twinmax sellers, all Nokian SUV tires (for SUVs) are produced in Vsevolozhsk, and in Finland only quality control is performed. And, supposedly, the rejected rubber comes back, and in Russia it can be bought out and put on sale. So, as they say, “think for yourself, decide for yourself.”
Dmitriy [12.09.2014 17:19]:
Tell me where you can buy studded bike tires in Finland. if there is a link to production in Finland (official website). thanks in advance!
Dmitriy [09/10/2014 16:08]:
Please tell me where in Finland there are used warehouses. tires? thanks.
Alexei [06/01/2014 23:32]:
Who will be able to bring the Bridgestone Sporty Style MY-02 215/55 R17 94V Tires from Finland to St. Petersburg and for what?
Waiting for suggestions by mail:
Mikha [04/15/2014 19:12]:
It’s profitable to buy rubber in Finland, they’ll immediately give an invoice on the spot
How to do this, you can see here
Yurievich [02.17.2014 23:19]:
That’s for sure, saimaan rengas complete. avno.
Yuri [13.02.2014 12:15]:
Who can bring NOKIAN TIRES Z LINE (HAKKA BLACK) r17 225-45 (set)? Issue price?
KuzenSPb [12.02.2014 22:11]:
Mikhail, NOKIAN TIRES Z LINE (HAKKA BLACK) r17 225×45 will bring and why?
Mayan [02/10/2014 15:54]:
in quality and fresh tires, prices can be viewed on the website.
Sergei [02.01.2014 17:26]:
Saimaan Rengas- Petrov I congratulate you, you bought restored rubber, 10 thousand is enough.
Igor [29.12.2013 18:56]:
Dmitri, and yet 225 60 18 in the same Twinmax is cheaper and no need to search. I myself have bought in Finnish for a long time, buy and will buy. less hassle.
ps And I am very glad that Haka is being done in Russia.
Alexei [12/14/2013 23:39]:
And who is the manufacturer of michelin? otherwise we have poland or rus.
Wanderer [11.12.2013 18:12]:
When buying tires in Saimaan Rengas, be extremely careful !! Pay attention to the date of manufacture of the tires, I bought it myself and my friends, everyone complained, the tires were old and crooked. I won’t leave money in Saimaan anymore, and the seller there is somehow inadequate ((And the prices are space there. And China can also be bought cheaply from us. Now I’ve bought michelin from the Finns, the wheels are only from the invoice stove, the coffee is shorter satisfied.
Petrov [09.12.2013 00:00]:
I bought tires at Saimaan Rengas. They trade Pirelli, Dunlop and other brands. The main difference from our stores is the availability of wheels in stock. In St. Petersburg, you often see low prices, and as you come to buy, they say it’s out of stock and offer to buy other goods much more expensive.
Alex [08.12.2013 22:18]:
people tell me who knows exactly what the finals are doing now summer tires 215 / 65R16 Nokian Hakka SUV XL 102 H and the second question is Michelin Latitude Cross 98 T or Michelin Latitude Diamaris 98 H (all 215 / 65R16) where is this rubber made in WHERE.
Michael [01.12.2013 02:22]:
Alexander, Twinmax? )
Alexander [11/27/2013 11:53]:
And what is the name of the store if you go to Lapa on the right side after the border of about 5 kilometers? Such a healthy hangar is.
Vladimir [11/25/2013 16:37]:
Compare the price of YOKOHAMA IG35 215/65 R16 spike in Yulmart SPb and In Yulmart – cheaper.
Michael [11/15/2013 16:05]:
I’ll buy you rubber, I was going to go to Finland soon, who needs rubber I can bring at a fair price, write to discuss
Dmitriy [12.11.2013 02:42]:
I don’t really understand people who go to Finland for tires. They’re still made here. In St. Petersburg, you can get cheaper if you know where. For example, in Twin Max Cooper 215-60-16 was winter at 3600. I don’t remember whether or not to take it out. This I didn’t get along with them. We took 2500 in SPB. Caviar and fish are also from St. Petersburg. Ask the sellers. We will pay 3 times more because of the stereotype that abroad is better and cheaper for goods from Russia. At least sometimes analyze prices and do not be lazy to search. In St. Petersburg, there are huge wholesale companies where everyone buys in bulk. With them, there are online stores. The price in them is 200- 300 rub more expensive than wholesale. Khaki price 7 225 60 18 10100 rub. If you can search it is cheaper to find. And if you take it in advance in August or July then it’s 20-30% cheaper. Conclusion why take the tires there if they are with us and sometimes even cheaper. You need to prepare the sled in the summer and the cart in the winter. Good luck to everyone.
Michael [11.11.2013 21:03]:
And who is advertised? ) I’m helping people) [11.11.2013 11:52]:
Michael, advertising on the site is paid =)
Sasha [09/09/2013 19:28]:
How much will it cost to bring Nokian Hakkapeliitta8 185/65 r14
Natalya [08.11.2013 11:17]:
Michael, how to contact Vait, you need a Michelin Latitude X-Ice North 2 225/60 R18 kit.
Leo [07.11.2013 21:53]:
Who and how much can bring the 7th hakka 215/50 r17 spike from the Finnish?
of course 4 pieces or Michelin X-ICE North XIN2 ??
Natalya [07.11.2013 21:33]:
. “225/60 R18 Michelin Latitude X-Ice North 2 at 8800”
good evening,
I would like to order this rubber. How to contact you or how to place an order?
Michael [07.11.2013 10:52]:
Vladimir, there is only ContiIceContact 235/60 R18 for 9600.
for 225/60 R18 there is a Nokian HKPL SUV 7 for 10300 or Michelin Latitude X-Ice North 2 for 8800 or Yokohama iG35 for 7600.
Vladimir [06.11.2013 13:22]:
Michael, I need a kit (4pcs) ContiIceContact 225/60 R18. Interested in price with delivery to St. Petersburg
a guest [11/05/2013 17:53]:
Over the weekend he returned with 2 sets of Hack 8 wheels purchased at Exclusiveforcar. 1 set went to maid in Finland, the second – ours. I don’t know the quality, I haven’t delivered it yet, and I’ll say the following about the store: Russian ham is not all there. First I paid – I went to the warehouse to pick up, but it turned out to be out of stock (I wanted to take the continental). I had to take two hacks.
Katerina [01/01/2013 11:00]:
Tell me pliz, this Saturday November 2, 2013 you can definitely go to Finka on studded tires?
Andrey [10.31.2013 23:28]:
Tell me how much a set of studded 225/60/17 Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 costs, on Finnish sites near peat, prices are not listed.
Michael [10.31.2013 14:19]:
Andryukha, in Lapp Twinmax and Russervis, in Valimaa exclusive)

Marina, Yokohama iG35 at 10,300 rubles per wheel, Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 at 12,200 rubles, Michelin Latitud X-Ice North2 at 10,000 rubles. Marina [30.10.2013 12:28]:
Michael, tell me how much the set of studded 285/60/18 will cost and whose? Andryukha [10.29.2013 21:53]:
Michael, while the “experienced” tell me where to call? Michael [28.10.2013 14:06]:
Andryukha, you can’t find exactly those made in Finnish. Andryukha [10.27.2013 23:21]:
I’m going to Finnish next weekend for the first time.
If it’s not difficult, tell me where you can watch the rubber at a bargain price of Finnish production? Michael [10.25.2013 15:55]:
Ivan [10.24.2013 17:49], Bridgestone Noranza 2 Evo 195/60/16 will cost 3600 per wheel with delivery to any address within the city.

Vsevolod [10.24.2013 17:51], ContiIceContact 195/65/15 at 4200 per wheel with delivery.

Eugene and Sergey, there are no inconsistencies of this size (( Vsevolod [10.24.2013 17:51]:
MIKHAIL ContiIceContakt 195/65/15 can help? Ivan [10.24.2013 17:49]:
Michael, interests Bridgestone Noranza 2 Evo 195/60/16, how much will it cost? need a kit Sergei [10.24.2013 09:53]:
Interested in a 245/45 R18 winter studless only what options are there Evgeny [10.23.2013 20:54]:
Good day. Who can help, interested in Hakkapeliitta R2 or Hakkapeliitta R Made in Finland size 245 40 R18 Michael [10.23.2013 11:49]:
Alexey, I can bring HK7 SUV XL 235/60 R18 at 10600. Michael [10.23.2013 11:47]:
Maria, Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 155/70 R14 77T I can bring for 3500. Finnish production is unlikely. Now everything is done with us. Maria [10.21.2013 19:02]:
Need a Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 155/70 R14 77T. Can I find Finnish production? What is the price? thanks Alexei [10.21.2013 02:13]:
Hello, do not tell me where you can buy in Finland 235/60 R18, something like HK7 SUV XL?

Thanks in advance! Andrew [10.19.2013 23:12]:
Anastasia, for 6250 – is available in St. Petersburg. made in Finland. Michael [10.15.2013 03:33]:
Anastasia, with a probability of 99% this will be of Russian production. I can deliver for 6 thousand per wheel. Anastasia [10/14/2013 10:44]:
Hello, how much will a Finnish hkpl kit 7 205/55 / ​​r16 cost only Finnish production with delivery to St. Petersburg. And who can bring it? Thanks. Alexei [09/10/2013 15:04]:
I will sell Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 185/60 R15 88T XL – 17200 for 4 tires Dmitriy [08/10/2013 22:39]:
Vladislav. I can bring 215/60 / r16 hack tires for the price of 7-6800 rubles. 8-7200rub. Vladislav [07.10.2013 14:52]:
How much is hack 7 and 8 — 215/60 / r16 If I myself come to Finnish for them? And if it is possible to deliver to St. Petersburg, what is the price ? Maksim [06/10/2013 14:02]:
Hi everyone, I want to buy winter tires and wheels in Finland, who will help you choose the right one?
2013 Mercedes A-class NEW Michael [04.10.2013 17:12]:
Novel [10/03/2013 00:57], Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic 205/55 R16 94T at 5000 per wheel.

Michael [03/10/2013 11:58], Bridgestone Noranza 2 Evo 225/60 R16 at 4900 per wheel.

Natalia [10/04/2013 10:09], yes, the cost is already in St. Petersburg. Natalya [04/10/2013 10:09]:
Michael, and Michelin x-ice north 2 (225/60 18) is the price already in St. Petersburg? Michael [03/10/2013 11:58]:
Interested in Bridgestone Noranza 2 Evo 225/60 R16
How much will it cost. Novel [03/10/2013 00:57]:
Hello, who will be able to bring to St. Petersburg 4 pcs. Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic 205/55 R16 94T how much. Michael [02.10.2013 19:52]:
Yuri, hack 8 215/55/17 will cost 8700

Natalia, winter studded tires 225/60 R18:
Hankook RW11 – 8100
Hakka 7 – 10400
Michelin x-ice north 2 – 9000 Tatyana [02.10.2013 17:27]:
How much will it cost in finca hkpl kit 7 255/55 / ​​r18 only Finnish production with delivery to St. Petersburg . Natalya [02.10.2013 11:33]:
good afternoon,
Interested in winter studded tires 225/60 R18. The price of the issue and who carries it from Finca? Yuri [01.10.2013 19:05]:
Mikhail, how much will hack 7 and 8 cost 215/55/17 Michael [01/10/2013 18:54]:
Alexey, Nokian 7-ku 285/65 R17 I can bring at 11,600. Sergei_____ [01.10.2013 12:40]:
Interested in Cooper ATR 265/70/16? tell me where you can buy? Alexei [01.10.2013 00:26]:
Need a set of Nokian 7-ku 285 / 65R17. Someone will undertake to bring. And what will the process be. Michael [30.09.2013 20:41]:
vlad, I can offer Continental ContiVikingContact 5 for 4200, Michelin X-ice 3 for 3600 Michael [30.09.2013 05:57]:
Alexander, now all the tires are sold made in Russia. I can bring hakka 8 at 6300 per wheel.

Anastasia, the eight is now the newest. vlad222 [September 28, 2013 18:03]:
Denis, you need a Nokian HKPL R Velcro, or CONTINENTAL Conti Viking Contact5, size 195/65 / R15. Can you bring and how to contact you. vlad [September 28, 2013 17:16]:
Denis, how to contact you? Need Velcro 195 / 65R15 Continental ContiVikingContact 5 or Nokian Hakkapeliitta R 195 / 65R15 (not Russia), or Michelin X-ice 2 195 / 65R15. set of 4 wheels. Dmitriy [09/28/2013 09:06]:
Tell me how much will Nokian 7 and 8 cost in the amount of 235 60 18, can anyone deal with delivery? thanks Anastasia [09/27/2013 11:42]:
Good afternoon! Tell me, I’m going to Finka, I want to buy a Nokian Hakkapeliitta 205/55 R16 for the winter, where is it better to do this and another question from the amateur: which one to take 5.7.8 ?? Thanks in advance for the answer) Alexander [09/27/2013 10:04]:
Need Finnish Nokian HKPL 7 made in Finland 205/55 / ​​R16 in the amount of 2 sets (focus and Mondeo) with delivery to St. Petersburg. Ready to take in the next 1-2 weeks. Where to turn?)) Michael [09/22/2013 00:02]:
Vladimir, Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 205/55 R16 at 6300 r

Alexander, CONTINENTAL ContiIceContact BD 225/65 R17 at 8300 r Vladimir [09/20/2013 13:04]:
good afternoon!
At what cost is it possible to deliver a set of winter tires Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 dimension 205/55 R16 ? Alexander [09/18/2013 10:01 PM]:
Who and at what price are ready to bring to St. Petersburg the CONTINENTAL ContiIceContact BD 225/65 R17 kit? Andrew [09/18/2013 14:46]:
Good day! And who will tell me where to buy used rubber in Norway? Oleg [09/17/2013 9:43 p.m.]:
need tires hakka 7 ranflet how much will it cost and who will be able to bring? Michael [12.09.2013 23:05]:
Sergey, right now all Nokian tires will be of Russian production. Sergei [11.09.2013 06:20]:
Need a set of NOKIAN TIRES HAKKAPELIITTA 8 205/55 R16, spikes, ALWAYS Finnish production. Who can help? Delivery to Krasnoyarsk. Denis [10.09.2013 21:25]:
I ride to Finland from St. Petersburg. I can buy and deliver tires to order. Including from stores closer to Helsinki. E genii [09.09.2013 23:45]:
Good afternoon, I plan to buy disks and tires in Finland at the Opel instance. 245/45 r18 how much will it cost ? Andrew [09/05/2013 02:46]:
I need 215/60/16 winter spikes judging by the prices on Finnish websites prices like in St. Petersburg may make sense to go to Estonia who has experience share Alex [02.09.2013 11:46]:
The dubious benefit is obtained. The Finns winter tire costs 300-500 rubles cheaper (215/55 R16) than in St. Petersburg online stores. Sense to go there? We still need money for all sorts of green cards and gasoline, so all the benefits dissolve.
Even if you order someone to bring it, the same price of the St. Petersburg online store is obtained. Moreover, judging by the reviews, they can sell g * a * b * n * o about any.
Gone are the days when it was really profitable.
These times have passed about 5 years ago. Alexei [08/29/2013 10:42 PM]:
Well, I don’t know. I like KIA Sportazh I go. I thought it was a jeep, but it turns out to be a truck. For 6130 in the online store. Michael [08/27/2013 17:48]:
Alexey, this is the cargo size (C), if 21560, then 6300 per wheel. Alexei [08/27/2013 00:10]:

How much will you bring CONTINENTAL ContiIceContact BD 215/65 R16 Michael [08.22.2013 21:38]:
Victor, I can bring for 10 thousand) Victor [08.21.2013 20:00]:
How much can winter tires (spikes) now cost Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 SUV 235/65 R17 108T .
And do they sell Winter in Finland now??
Maybe someone will give a tip? Michael [16.08.2013 15:41]:
And then someone took the tires Michael [15.08.2013 12:58]:
Lily, 225 / 60R18:
Hankook RW11 8000 r
Michelin Latitud X-Ice North2 9 000 r
Nokian HKPL SUV 7 11 000 p

Lily [12.08.2013 23:08]:
Tell me, please, I’m interested in studding 215/55 R18 or, as an option, 225/55 (60) R18. What is available, or will be in 2-3 months, and the price of the issue? Andrew [11.08.2013 08:15]:
ContiPC5-2500 rubles
Nokian V-2000 rubles Andrew [11.08.2013 08:14]:
Leonid wheel wakes up 9200 rubles Michael [01/08/2013 12:23]:
Dmitry, wheels on 1956515:
Nokian V – 2900
Michelin Energy Saver + – 3000
Continental PC5 – 3000

Michael [01/08/2013 12:20]:
Leonid, Nokian Hakkapeliitta SUV 7 265/65 R17 116T XL will cost 11,000 rubles per wheel. Dmitriy [07/30/2013 17:49]:
How much will the wheels cost 15 Leonid [07/15/2013 10:19]:
I will buy tires Nokian Hakkapeliitta SUV 7 265/65 R17 116T XL. Is there anyone involved? VLADIMIR [06/06/2013 17:01]:
Andrey will take HAKKY 5 or 7 kit 225/60 R17 PRICE in St. Petersburg – what prepayment? I will be in St. Petersburg at the end of June. Alla [05/27/2013 17:35]:
Andrew! How to contact you? Need rubber Maksim [05/25/2013 11:51]:
Hello! Tell me I’m interested in the size 225/55 / ​​R16, who is ready to give a ride and what for the money? Andrew [05.22.2013 12:23]:
I will deliver tires from Exclusiveforcar one day Michael [05/19/2013 10:02]:
Toyo proxes s / t – 6500 rubles
Toyo proxes s / t 2 – 7500 rubles Marat [05.16.2013 09:38]:
Hi, I was at Exclusiveforcar yesterday. They all sell a 10% discount on everything.. Yusup [05/14/2013 18:38]:
Hello. Who can bring the summer tires CONTINENTAL SPORTCONTACT 5 SUV 245/55/19 4 pcs from the Exclusive for car store ?? Can anyone go or deliver? Evgeny [13.05.2013 22:53]:
Alexander, a year, what kind of rubber, otherwise they say there is one old shit and China Alexander [13.05.2013 00:46]:
I bought tweedmax summer tires of the Vridzhstone brand, 2056015, a sports track, they said the Dutch, the tire has a brand, Made in Holland, I’m writing for the sake, I’m reluctant to translate. I put it, it was raining, puddles, it flew 100 and more from 107th to Brateyevo, very satisfied They told the brand about 100 years. Vyacheslav [04/05/2013 08:40]:
Bring me 275/55 R20 winter and summer Michael [01.05.2013 11:57]:
I took an exclusiveforcar very much like the store, gave me a Continental umbrella as a gift, washed myself on an excellent sink for 10 euros Michael [05/01/2013 11:55]:
I agree completely with Alexey. Alexei [04/27/2013 12:00]:
Finnish people are coming to May, I want to buy a set of R16 tires, I still do not understand where it is better to buy? Give contacts. I don’t go further. Andrew [04/27/2013 11:36]:
Alla, bring me :)) Alla [04/26/2013 12:03]:
I am going to Fink to whom to bring rubber? Alexei [04/25/2013 18:54]:
I agree with Alex, Russian nokia is sold throughout Europe and only our motorists find that it is inferior to Finnish. Apparently, indeed, we do not believe that we can do something well. It’s sad. IMHO, they go to tire shops in Finland not for some extraordinary quality, but for low cost, because the quality is the same and is guaranteed by the inscription with the name. Michael [04/25/2013 10:31]:
Here is one smart man, Alex. I respect. Alex [04/20/2013 01:17]:
For Sergey! The word “delitants” is spelled correctly – amateurs! All basic NOKIAN sizes are made in Russia, in Finland only exclusive sizes are produced. The plant in Finland is scheduled for closure (high costs, expensive production. NOKIAN Hakkapeliita 7 is produced only in Russia for the whole world. Today, the plant in NOKIAN TIRES Russia is considered the flagship of production, a second plant is being built. Where does this pathological hatred with its people and native country come from? even the vast majority of BMV models in Russia are sold in Russia (Kaliningrad, Avtotor plant), and everyone believes that BMV is one of the best cars. According to BMV management, Avtotor plant is the flagship of quality in the BMV system. NISSAN stvu Russian better than English. Sam drive a Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDI Kaluga assembly, compiled fine, no problems, no complaints, other than the German car collected by our Russian hands. Love your country! Michael [04/10/2013 19:13]:
I can bring tires of large sizes. Minimum margin, still often go to Finnish. Sergei [04/10/2013 06:07]:
RUBBER MADE IN FINLAND differs by an order of magnitude from Vsevolozhskaya. Checked more than once. Do not believe delitants! Vyacheslav [09.04.2013 00:58]:
I want to share my experience of buying tires in Finka. I bought wheels there 4 times. Once my wife and three times my acquaintances. Three times I bought in the Rus service there were no problems everything was fine and the rubber and return invoice. Once I bought everything in vuoksenkumi too! About Nokia tires of some sizes are made only in Fink, but very few! The bulk in St. Petersburg! There is no difference. in St. Petersburg the largest Nokia plant and quality control and management is Finnish! a friend works for me there. Michael [04/05/2013 15:48]:
In the raja market they sell welding for 15r; the price is ridiculous about 1t.r.for the wheel the season went off with a bang there is enough for one more (I travel a year) there were no problems at the border (outwardly it can not be distinguished from the new one) but it’s like they can get lucky and check the check (of course we don’t care what the finals are) Andrew [04.04.2013 21:08]:
Does exclusive have a choice of discs? Or only those in the price list on the site? Andrew [26.03.2013 21:17]:
Thanks Sergey. Anton [03/25/2013 19:09]:
Need NOKIAN 7 or friction size 225/45/18.
How much will it cost?
thanks Sergei [03/14/2013 02:18]:
135evro took in exclusive but another size, there is a price such an export price Andrew [09.03.2013 02:40]:
B.F.GOODRICH All Terrain T / A 235/70/16 is interested in the price and where it is better to take Andrew [09.03.2013 02:34]:
Interested in such a tire, B.F. GOODRICH All Terrain T / A 235/70/16
how much does anyone know? Dmitriy! [09.02.2013 03:33]:
Not the Nokian curve, but people’s hands are crooked. People need to put the wheels on normal centers, otherwise you bought the wheels and go to Loriks to technical schools, pay 200 rubles more expensive in a good center. you need to rock the Nokian to 7 atmospheres, so that it sat down to lower the disks! and so you get it pumped up to 2 two and that’s it, it did not sit on the disk and is not balanced. that’s the curve. Dmitriy [09.02.2013 03:30]:
there will be no problems with the invoice if the wheels are dressed on wheels, the main thing is that not by car Bogdanych [06.02.2013 03:00]:
Tell me please. If I bring my wheels with me and lock the wheels in place, will there be problems with the invoice at the border when taking out the clipped sets? Kolyan [01.02.2013 00:33]:
Nokian generally the entire curve has recently come across. Paul [01/29/2013 19:33]:
comrades tell me please
If I understand correctly, then the curve rubber comes across exclusively nokian Russian-made or the rest too. Tell me pliz Helena [28.01.2013 16:44]:
I will buy summer new tires 215/60 R 17, write Evgeny [01/19/2013 16:52]:
I bought it on December 30 at very much, the guys always work! I took a continental excellent tire, put it hung at 5.10 grams. It keeps the road perfectly, the production of Germany, still presented with a hat continental Anton [01/19/2013 02:18]:
Is there delivery to the regions of the Russian Federation when buying tires in Finland? Or is this generally not realistic, including the purchase? Igor [09.01.2013 01:49]:
People! Why are you with this hack like a zombie ?? Indeed, in addition to Nokia, many other good brands are no worse. I myself bought wheels in Lappeenranta, the store is not far from the railway station at 11 Saimaan rengas ratakatu, they are selling a new and restored Spanish tire. Good prices, only when paying you need to send VAT, too, but then it is returned painlessly later. Rodion [12/19/2012 01:52]:
Want tires Nokian Hakka Z SUV 265/50 R20 with delivery to St. Petersburg how much will it cost? Not in a hurry – Tamara [08.12.2012 19:01]:
I can deliver new wheels from Finland to St. Petersburg, price by agreement Alexei [07.12.2012 04:47]:
Was at exclusiveforcar. Well done guys! Reserved tires by mail, arrived after 2 days, bought. We drank coffee, played with the dog and joyful drove home. Yes, now they sell with tax, but they said that the invoice can be transferred with someone from friends and they will return the money to him. Skrgey [11.29.2012 11:35]:
Wheel weighs 23kg with a disc Alexander [11/27/2012 9:15 PM]:
Hey. And does anyone know how much one wheel assembly weighs (on the original Mercedes-Benz ML disc) 255 / 50R19 summer tires. My car just sailed on a ferry from Germany and there is a summer kit. I would like to know what to prepare for at our customs? how much will be the advantage or how many people to take with you? Vladimir [11.23.2012 03:40]:
Hello! I read the entire forum and realized how many people have so many opinions! I liked the exclusiveforcar store very well, an aged man very well serviced, explained everything, painted wheels on the Russian border, I bought Castrol oil in the same place, they said the present in 5 liter cans, I also washed in just 10 euros , I was fine with everything, I’ll go there in the summer! Andrew [11.20.2012 17:52]:
Interested in new or used cheap tires 2 wheels 265 35 18 Ivan [11.20.2012 12:11]:
Rozanova, I bought Hakkapelitta-5 in Russervis. I liked the service, the tires were given by Finnish, not Vsevolozhsky, taking into account the return on the invoice it turned out 3000 r. for the tire. True, they don’t recognize the topic of dropping the stamped invoice into the mailbox, they only return when presented, but I often go to Finka. 🙂 Respectively, and delivery was not needed. Alyona [11/19/2012 12:44 PM]:
Question to Oksana. Interested in goodyear UG or Hakkapelita 5, studded. Size 225/45 17. Accordingly, with delivery to St. Petersburg.
Tell me what the price is?
Thank you very much in advance. Alexei [11/18/2012 10:20 PM]:
People tell me pliz where it is better to buy tires in Finland (in which store). What would the quality be and not very expensive. Thanks in advance. Rozanova [10.11.2012 20:26]:
Please tell me, did someone buy tires at RUSSERVICE
How is the quality ? Service? Does it make sense to contact their delivery to St. Petersburg and prepaid ? Andrew [08.11.2012 11:13]:
interested in winter tires 2155516. Maksim [06.11.2012 16:20]:
Was on holidays in Finland. I decided to buy tires there. Compared to the cost in St. Petersburg, the difference for the set was about 9 thousand rubles. In Lappeenranta, there was nothing out of my size; I went to Exclusive. They were available. Today, a tire technician who has been changing tires for several years has shown me what my curve rubber is, and that all wheels are like that. He said that usually those who come to him with new expensive wheels do not have such curved wheels. Maybe they’ll roll. Change again for the summer and take the marriage to Finland? Honestly, I did not expect this, although I read the previous reviews. Look for normal stores not on the border, in the same Lappeenranta there is a Michelin dealer. Dmitriy [02.11.2012 10:32]:
And further from the border there are other wheels, people are different and there are different opinions Alexander [31.10.2012 20:33]:
Good evening, I need tires 215/50 R17 Micah [30.10.2012 16:05]:
I read the comments about the decline in the quality of rubber at the border. Well, then where to get it far from the borders? But. at about the same prices. Give addresses, pliz, who knows? For example, in Savonlinna or Varkaus, the same thing costs 1.5 times more..
Good luck to all! Yuri [29.10.2012 15:04]:
Good afternoon, I am writing about my “bitter” experience of buying tires at Exclusiveforcar. I ordered summer tires in early September because planned to be in Laaperante in the middle of the month, arrived on Sept. 14. in the morning, as I wrote in the letter, they said there were no tires yet, they would be after 12, they agreed that I would not wait, but I would arrive tomorrow morning and pick them up. They even promised to write an SMS when they bring it, but as a result, there was no SMS or rubber the next day. Some excuses, but after the scandal they promised to bring at the same price to St. Petersburg on October 10. As you know, there is no rubber to this day, on email. mail is not answered, the phone is constantly busy. So much for the “savings”, here is the “good” service! So I don’t advise you to turn to this exclusive bad customer relationship. Oksana [28.10.2012 22:03]:
Every day I visit Finland, I will bring wheels, write to the mail Alexander [10.26.2012 16:45]:
Good afternoon! I plan to order winters for the first time. rubber in Finland.
Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7. They produce in Russia they are transported to Finland to the border, most likely not of high quality, and in general production in Russia leaves much to be desired.
Nonetheless considered the best rated..
Tell me how good is Continental tires
ContiIceContact and what difference will make with Nokian. 215/55 p17. And I will be glad to order delivery. my number is 89215698777 . Artyom [10.26.2012 12:08]:
Good day to all. We live near the border, are engaged in transshipment of tires, we work with all the points mentioned above. I read, I understand that complete nonsense. For 4 years of work there has not been a single return. Exclusive works directly with factories, as there may be “all the crooked” (service is not very good, well, think for yourself what the flow of people in the season, come at night will be better). Twin works in the same way, but they have a lot of China (including Michelin, Good Year), cheap and cheerful, I went to summer China myself, the flight is excellent, the winter Brigestone we put on our minibuses, the flight is excellent. Lappeenranta also employs adequate people. Have questions, write to We can also deliver tires to St. Petersburg with minimal costs.. anton [10.26.2012 09:10]:
Good day! Tell me where to buy tires on a truck? Yulia [10.25.2012 08:39]:
Good day!
Tell me, who in the very near future is going to Finka for winter tires? from whom can I order a lead inexpensively? Thanks in advance for your reply, I will be very grateful. Alexei [10.24.2012 23:09]:
Buy tires not at the border;. Vlad [24.10.2012 14:07]:
Good afternoon. Lord help. I want to go to Finka tomorrow for tires 235/65 R17. Do not tell me where to buy. Yuri [10.24.2012 07:30]:
I have such a situation! I bought 2 sets of rubber. Http: // from these comrades. They said that they would return the invoice. Only to put the seal. Here and the problems started. Having arrived at the border. The girl customs officer put a red seal. And as far as I understood from her gibberish that I won’t be able to get an invoice because the documents “a decent amount of 200 euros” were called by the manager Mikhail. He constantly drops the phone. There’s also nothing to do with the post office. How can I be in this situation? Maybe someone will come across a similar one. grateful for the help and advice! Vera [23.10.2012 22:42]:
I recommend buying tires from stores remote from the border. For example, Euromasters. I can help with the delivery to Vyborg / St. Petersburg. Evgeny [10.23.2012 17:49]:
Stores with tires are very bad in Finland, it’s better to buy at home. Nobody is responsible for the quality Evgeny [10.23.2012 00:37]:
Interested in Haka 7 195/65/15 8 pcs., Price in St. Petersburg
Made in Finland Marina [10.22.2012 21:57]:
Gentlemen, tell me where in Fink to buy good winter tires, with Velcro, for the new Nissan Patrol? Dmitriy [10.22.2012 21:38]:
I bought tires in an exluviforcar office shit. Here they periodically write from themselves supposedly they can’t cope with customers there, so they’re doing great. it’s they themselves write in order to dilute the negative. Tires are crooked, it’s not possible to drive, they will not be sent away. The client is at one time. Twinmax will be replaced, but for the same thing. They have very cheap, but very curved tires, the maximum that you can buy there is not very curved tires))))) then lucky Sergey [21.10.2012 02:56]:
Faith, but the price is indicated on the check, and so on, according to the rules, they must return it, as I noted, but did not drop it into the envelope, arrived and demanded a refund, said that I paid with tax! Anatoly [19.10.2012 12:07]:
In connection with the entry of the Russian Federation into the WTO, the Exclusiveforcar switched to an invoice system, i.e. having bought something from them, it is necessary to return the invoice stamped at the border within 3 months and receive VAT.
By the way, for those from St. Petersburg who will go there in October-November, they are ready to give up an invoice for a return of 105.8 for only 80 euros. Moneyback 1 week. Write your phone on ak (@) Vera [18.10.2012 22:16]:
Anna, with a friend you can go for sets of wheels, but the total weight for each should not exceed 50 kg. Then the Russian will not quibble. Stores like TwinMax and Exclusive Car initially issue wheels WITHOUT tax! Firms that are far from the border issue an invoice. But if an invoice is issued, you will need to return to Finl again to get the tax you paid. Anna [10/18/2012 17:14]:
Friends, and if we go with a friend for sets of rubber, he will be together, and will import to Russia, that the tax will need to be paid?

Sergey, why ask for an invoice if they sell less? T and + will there be an info or tax free? thanks for the answer. Sergei [10/18/2012 02:26]:
Faith! Sell minus, but you can come and ask for an invoice, the price is indicated full! Oksana [10.17.2012 19:17]:
Available at the moment

245/60/18 Nokian HKPL R – 276e Velcro

After about 3 weeks there will be a Nokian HKPL 7 – 276e spike Vera [10.17.2012 13:40]:
Denis, TwinMax, for example, sells rubber immediately after VAT!
Re-importing wheels across the Finnish border threatens you with paying a fee (this is if the amount of imported goods exceeds 300s). If you just drive into Finle on an “empty” car Svetlana [10.17.2012 12:41]:
Good afternoon! Help! Where can I buy CDs in Fink? 8×18, 5×127, offset 51. Denis [10.16.2012 23:12]:
And you can buy rubber, take out having printed an invoice and on the same day immediately turn around, take the invoice and get money so that you do not spend money on gas 2 times. Yuri [10.16.2012 18:53]:
I will deliver tires from Finland to St. Petersburg, you can 3 sets at a time. set delivery (4 wheels) 100-120 euros! (depending on size) Oksana [10.16.2012 11:13]:
Hakka 7,205 / 55R16 winter spike for 160 euros I can bring on Friday if I have in stock Dm [15.10.2012 16:13]:
205 / 55R16 winter stud. Interested in Hakka 7, Continental IceContact or GoodYear UG Ice Arctic. How much will it cost to deliver to St. Petersburg / Vyborg? And what are the deadlines? Dim [15.10.2012 11:39]:
guys need a hack 7 type size 245/60/18 – 4 lope wheels will cost delivery in St. Petersburg. Sasha [10/14/2012 19:43]:
on max 2 disks if you convince customs that this is a spare tire, drive for a long time, etc.
I will drive to St. Petersburg 25 euro per wheel (I will go back 21.10 🙂 🙂 Evgeny [10.14.2012 18:51]:
10/10/2012 was in Fink, in Twinmax I bought HAKA R, 215 / 65R16 .made in Finland, price 118.30E Dmitriy [12.10.2012 21:34]:
Alexey Crane, you can import used rubber, only on disks Vera [12.10.2012 08:41]:
Alex Crane, no! used rubber CANNOT be imported into the Russian Federation! Alex Crane [11/10/2012 14:18]:
Hello! So it is possible to import rubber from Russia to Finki without disks or not? Dmitriy [09.10.2012 22:34]:
Sergey took in exclusive Peter [09.10.2012 22:25]:
Oksana Nokian cannot be from Germany, she is Russian Peter [09.10.2012 22:23]:
Oksana they are exclusive in 160 Euro, you have a conscience, there are people who carry 20 Euro per wheel to Peter.
I can give contacts Oksana [05/10/2012 14:53]:
Oleg, I can bring it to St. Petersburg. Wheels Hakka 7 205/50/17 with Twinmax for 45100 rubles (with delivery of 5 wheels).
From a remote warehouse in Finland = 47150 rub.

I will help with the purchase and delivery
My mail: Oleg [05.10.2012 11:05]:
I need to buy Hakka 7 205/50/17.
Desirable 5 pcs. Is it possible? Can anyone help? oxana [04.10.2012 22:34]:
I can bring Hakka 7 225/60/17. 20 thousand rubles – a set (4 pieces). With delivery to St. Petersburg. This rubber is from Germany (not from Twinmax !. That is, QUALITY!). delivery time – 2 weeks

Sorry, the error came out here ((Price for a set from Germany 56000rub. vital [04.10.2012 18:10]:
I need winter and sweat why such a difference in price. My tel. 8 911 1298551 Vitaliy would like to know more Oksana [04.10.2012 16:50]:
Hakka 7 225/60/17 from the nearest Finl warehouses 42 thousand rubles (set – 4 wheels) with delivery to St. Petersburg. Oksana [04.10.2012 16:35]:
I can bring Hakka 7 225/60/17. 20 thousand rubles – a set (4 pieces). With delivery to St. Petersburg. This rubber is from Germany (not from Twinmax !. That is, QUALITY!). delivery time – 2 weeks vital [04.10.2012 02:33]:
And how much is the hack 7 225/60 R17 along with the add-on Sergei [03.10.2012 21:21]:
Dmitriy! And where did they get it, if not a secret? Dmitriy [03/10/2012 13:23]:
And I took 72056016 127evro Harry [03.10.2012 00:20]:
Yesterday was in Finnish Hakka 7 205/60/16 131.95 Euros Sergei [September 28, 2012 8:36 p.m.]:
Nokian Hakka 7 205/60/16 will cost 750 euros per set. Dmitriy [09/21/2012 23:14]:
Comrades! Need Nokian Hakka 7 205/60/16 Someone can bring and for how much? Sergei [09.21.2012 23:12]:
You can buy in an exclusive continental for 800 euro 23560 18 imagine the savings, and leave HKPL5 for such crazy money, it’s already been removed from production for 4 years, its price is 100 euro per wheel ilya [20.09.2012 21:49]:
R18 235/60 Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 SUV 1200 Euro Alexei [09/19/2012 11:50]:
Who can bring a good winter studded tire Continental 235/65 R17 and how much it will cost Oleg [17.09.2012 20:36]:
Hakka 5 SUV R18 235/65 1300Euro Sergei [09/17/2012 18:12]:
Guys! can anyone bring from Chushka spike tires R18 235/60 to the Chrysler sedan? How much will it cost? Dmitriy [12.09.2012 10:37]:
Morozof! They didn’t come up with an all-weather season how it could be like this! Winter without thorns, yes, but in summer it will burn on your hot asphalt! You don’t go in flip flops in winter. Frost OFF [11.09.2012 11:08]:
The guys are looking for tires 265/65/17 not spikes. preferably all-season tell me pliz Sergei [07.09.2012 00:10]:
there are customs rules, when crossing the border, you can carry goods in the amount of not more than 65 thousand rubles and not exceeding 50 kg. total weight Irina [06/06/2012 09:54]:
I bought in an exclusive continental 235/65 R17-175evro, I would have traveled it myself very profitable Alexander [03.09.2012 19:24]:
Who can bring a good Continental winter studded tire to Volkswagen Touareg 235/65 R17 and how much it will cost Vladimir [03.09.2012 10:47]:
Natalya, the day before yesterday I bought in Twinmax. There are no new rules..
Nina, STARCO sells agricultural tires there. Natalya [29.08.2012 10:11]:
I plan to purchase a set of new rubber in Finland. But a strange rumor passed that introduced new rules prohibiting (or complicating) the import of wheels in an amount of more than three pieces. Information unverified. Tell me, is there such a thing, or have I been misled? Paul [28.08.2012 18:51]:
Already appeared, I was 23.08 in an exclusive large selection, I bought myself a continental Alice [08/27/2012 10:52]:
Tell me, please, are winter tires already sold? And they told me that not yet, sales will begin only in September.
I would like more accurate information. Vasiliy [07/23/2012 19:28]:
To the author of the first post I can immodestly notice that the tire simply cannot be a “curve”. If the tire technician says, leave this service. The wheels in the warehouse are stored in herringbone cages, which leads to their slight deformation. This is visually noticeable when the wheel spins on the stand. If you put it on the car, the wheel takes its initial shape after the first kilometers. Therefore, if it is balanced normally, there is no cause for concern. Nina [06/26/2012 10:57]:
Who can tell which companies (plants) sell agricultural tires in Sweden, Finland, Norway. Sergei [06/17/2012 20:38]:
I can help with the delivery of rubber Paul [06/17/2012 20:37]:
Vyacheslav, here you harass people, but here a couple of lines above, people discuss this topic Paul [06/17/2012 20:34]:
Vyacheslav, and you would read the rules before the trip! I don’t understand what you blame, first of all, what are the customs officers telling the rules of border crossing, and secondly, maybe you don’t need them or are bad. Strange you comrade Helena [05/18/2012 19:19]:
I read on one forum about the store It seems to be praised. Has anyone been there? Vyacheslav [29.04.2012 02:15]:
I decided to buy it in Exclusiveforcar, after mounting them they themselves told me that importing used second-hand my winter is prohibited. They didn’t say before the tire fitting, they removed the rubber back and still demanded to pay for double tire fitting. Of course I refused, and generally behaved rudely, in the end they refused to sell me wheels. They said on the phone that everything was in stock, but in fact there was only this kit. I do not recommend this store, you can break off upon arrival and fly. Andrew [08.04.2012 16:13]:
I bought tires in Exclusiveforcar 4 wheels + products, without any problems across the border. Even the 15 radius cost much cheaper than in St. Petersburg, the benefits are tangible. I’m not doing this on purpose, but if I’m going to Finland next week I can bring a set of wheels, write to Andrew [02.04.2012 15:40]:
tell me no one bought tires in the raja market or other large stores? Paul [03/28/2012 09:22]:
Boo cannot be imported stas [27.03.2012 13:08]:
Tell me, is there a cargo tire there? maybe one tractor to call in and change shoes? Maria [03.22.2012 23:22]:
Tell me, if you change shoes in Fink and take the removed tires back (I have it is almost new and expensive, I don’t want to leave it), they will not quarrel at the customs, saying that I’m introducing b / ear? Mario [14.03.2012 17:56]:
Who can bring Continental 265/35/18 summer -1pcs ? Aleks [14.03.2012 15:07]:
Who knows how much michelin sport pilot 3 will cost in finnish?
or yokohama advan sport v103? Evgenij [14.03.2012 09:41]:
Gentlemen, someone here bought:
. share your experience.
thanks Artem [11.03.2012 16:33]:
Maxim, it’s not entirely clear what you mean by the abbreviation ML, Mercedes-Benz ML? If this is the case, then I took it for the BMW X5, but I think there are no special differences in the rubber for them. And at the expense of prices, it’s true, in St. Petersburg it’s very expensive, I don’t know if it makes sense to lose a day because of tires for a passenger car, but it’s definitely worth the price difference for large radii. Svetlana [10.03.2012 22:46]:
And if you buy in Lapp in CityMarket, next to Prism? There Taks Free make out. Or is there a drone taken there? Please advise experienced comrades. Vyacheslav [10.03.2012 11:31]:
I can bring tires from Exclusiveforcar and TWINMAX. I live in Vyborg, I will bring it to St. Petersburg, so delivery will be fast. Anyone interested can ask questions and order here Evgeny [07.03.2012 09:01]:
So everything has already been deducted at the border, you don’t have to come 10 times, you would have calculated! And read the laws! 50kg per person even every day and in the amount of 1500 euros, but you advise people not knowing! Maksim [06.03.2012 21:42]:
Artem, and you purchased 255/50/19 on ML, otherwise you also need it, but in St. Petersburg the price is chaos. Alex [05.03.2012 11:16]:
Do not buy from the border there a continuous scam for the loot, call in any city in Finland and find a small store with wheels and tires, prices are much lower than at the border. and 22% tax refund, by invoice (print on the border and the next trip they will receive cash without any problems)

Regarding the transport of 4 wheels across the border for 2 people. and no problem at least every day.


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