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Which car wash should I go to? Car wash

Which car wash should I go to? Car wash 1

Which car wash should I go to? Car wash

Which car wash to go to?

Any car needs to be washed very often – depending on what roads you drive, how much you drive, and what the weather is like when traveling. Many drive a car into a car wash and wait for workers to clean it. But a lot of car owners buy their own car washes and do not spend more money with time on visiting professional washing points. But let’s take a look at professional car washes – what are these points?

If you take car washes in general, then these devices can be divided into groups:

1. Hand held. Here cars are washed traditionally – they take a bucket of foamy solution, a sponge, and the apparatus delivers water under pressure. For an additional payment, vacuum clean the interior of your car, wash the mats, wipe the plastic elements.

2. Contactless. Here, the machine is treated with a detergent composition from a special apparatus equipped with a spray and washed from it. There are usually 5 programs with which detergent is applied to the machine, the dirt is washed off, the body is coated with a protective polymer, etc..

3. Contactless self-service washers. Here you operate the apparatus, and the payment for work is low. Contrary to assumptions, you are not particularly splattered with water, and even more so with dirt. So, a few drops will drop when rinsing.

4. Automatic washing. The car is washed and dried here on an automated line. A high-foam composition is first applied to the car, after which it is washed off with water. Now the vehicle is dried with directed air currents. The bodywork of a car can also be treated with special compounds that protect the bodywork from negative influences. Most often, wax is present in the formula of this composition. Some manufacturers of car shampoos add a wax component to the product..

On an automatic car wash, you can wash the bottom of the car, which is very fine after winter or long trips on dirty roads. You cannot wash the machine outside on an automatic car wash.

The fastest washing is automatic. The most gentle, however, is contactless, but when the body is very dirty, especially in spots of bitumen, drips of oil or gasoline, a contactless washing may not be enough. Here it is better to wash the car manually, since the bitumen shampoo itself will not remove – you need to help him with a sponge. It is also sometimes necessary to apply fat-dissolving compounds, and even automatic car wash brushes are not able to thoroughly rinse hard-to-reach areas of the body.

Sometimes car washers offer services that are not particularly needed, such as wiping polish with salon polish or degreasing the body. But you can polish the plastic yourself, and degreasing is necessary with extreme dirt, especially greasy. Remember: car shampoos themselves do a lot of washing.

When the car is washed in the winter, the entire body, and especially the seals and locks, are necessarily blown. Otherwise, the locks will soon cease to function, and the doors will freeze altogether. However, blowing the compressor in a good car wash is a must.

The choice of car washes, of course, is always yours. If you do not know how to find the best – go to different points. Where better to wash, go there and visit the next time.


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