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Battery. How to winter?

Questions and problems of cold starting the engine are certainly relevant from year to year, especially for those car owners whose battery has already celebrated more than one birthday.

The most popular and effective 100% advice is to purchase a new battery. However, the cost of new batteries (for an average passenger car), depending on the manufacturer, ranges from 1200 UAH. for domestic or licensed up to 2 – 2.5 thousand UAH. depending on the brand of a foreign manufacturer.

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So, there is no money for a new power source, but the need to travel remains. And here there are two options for the initial conditions: the first – you operate your car daily and the second – you need a car once a week or even a month, but it is impossible to completely abandon winter trips.

During daily trips, if they are not short and the voltage in the on-board network is within normal limits, the battery manages to recharge, and as a rule, this is enough to “survive” until tomorrow. However, there is a flip side to the coin: the starter consumes much more energy when starting the engine, and short trips do not allow the “tired” battery to regain power. In this case, recharging is indispensable..

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Therefore, if possible, it is advisable to reduce the number of engine starts during the day mode of operation of the car (of course, if possible), for example, when waiting for a passenger or in the traffic jam at intersections, do not turn off the engine. This will not only maintain the battery life until the next charge, but also reduce the “starting” wear of the engine.
If you do not operate the car on a daily or even weekly basis, it is best to store the battery separately, since even simple on-board vehicle systems, such as clocks, multimedia, etc. able to fully take the “vitality” for launch. The question arises: how, where and under what conditions to store. Firstly, it is mandatory with the terminals removed, and secondly, the battery must be surely charged … But at what temperature? Many motorists believe that the warmer the better and keep the battery at home for months, but this is a misconception that has a theoretical and scientific explanation related to the concept of “self-discharge”. Certainly, storage in sub-zero temperatures is undesirable, and icing is categorically not permissible. Ideal conditions are near-zero temperatures, i.e. for the city motorist – storage of the battery on the balcony with mandatory periodic monitoring of the main voltage characteristics (12.7 Volts) and electrolyte density 1.27 kg / cm3


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