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Xenon – Tuning

Xenon - Tuning 1


Xenon – it is an inert (noble) gas xenon, used to fill gas discharge lamps. In such lamps, a fundamentally different type of work than in conventional incandescent lamps. In xenon lamps, light is produced by an electric arc. Xenon lamps are widely used in the automotive industry to replace conventional halogen lamps in headlights. Is there any need for such a replacement??

Needless to say, road safety depends on the awareness of the driver about the situation on the road. In the dark, visibility is very modest, and in addition, the headlights are different from the sun. All this does not benefit security, which in turn can lead to an accident. The use of xenon will positively affect this situation. After all, the light of xenon headlights is somewhere in two, two and a half times brighter. And the glow spectrum is closer to sunlight, so the driver is more comfortable in the light of xenon headlights. And in confirmation of the superiority of xenon headlights, we give one more example. Modern automobile concerns are installing xenon headlights on their new models. With the advantage of xenon, we figured it out. But how to install it on your car?

Just screw in instead of the usual xenon bulbs, and is it done? Of course not. Xenon lamps operate according to a fundamentally different scheme and for their operation a special device is needed – the ignition unit. And the installation of such equipment is a very responsible and complicated matter. Moreover, the type of xenon lamps is usually selected depending on the lamp base of your car. As a result, selecting the necessary equipment for a particular car is not as trivial a task as it might seem at first glance. As confirmation of this fact, there is a huge variety of manufacturers (APP, Sho-Me ®, Silverstone, etc.), multiplied by a huge selection of models. Interestingly, the color of the light of xenon headlights depends on the temperature that is achieved in the lamp. For example, a temperature of 4300 K corresponds to Crystal White, 6000 K – Diamond Blue, 8000 K – Deep Blue, 10000K – Violet Purple. Moreover, the shade is very soft and beautiful, and does not distort the perception of the road at all. You can see the approximate color difference on our website. Interestingly, while xenon is installed in the dipped headlights or in the main beam?

Any of these two options is possible, as well as their combination. Usually xenon set to the dipped beam, but installation is possible, both in the dipped and high beam. In this case, it is called – biksenon. This is the most convenient option, however, and more expensive. Bixenon allows you to feel confident on the road in the dark, not only in the city, but also on the highway. Therefore, if you often have to make long trips along the highway, then installing biksenon will be a very wise and effective solution. In addition, xenon bulbs last about two thousand hours. For comparison, conventional bulbs last up to five hundred hours. And if you have a xenon lamp burn out, there is no need to replace the ignition unit, and the lamp itself is not so expensive.


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